iPhone Wireless Network Management

The current situation enables anyone to create a hotspot with the same name and password as a popular known wireless network and some iPhones will use it. This occurs when the iPhone has connected to a network (you have made it a “known network”) and “known networks will be joined automatically.” This assumes that you will trust any network with that name. iPhone users who have used those known wireless networks will seamlessly connect to them. This exposes them to theft of personal information.

Currently, there are two approaches to removing a known WiFi network from an iPhone (4s, iOS 6):

1. Be in range of a hotspot of the network you want to remove. Go to settings, WiFi. Click on the blue arrow to the right of the network and use the “forget this network” button.

  • This assumes that you know which networks you have connected to. This is frequently not the case.
  • This assumes that you can visit each network. This is not always practical.

2. Use “Reset Network Settings” to delete all known WiFi networks. Rebuild only the ones you want, by visiting the networks.

  • The rebuild could be laborious, prone to error and frustrating.
  • This assumes that you know which networks you want connected to. This is sometimes unlikely.
  • This assumes that you can visit each network you want to connect to. This may not be practical.

The current best practice would be to delete a known networks while you are still within range. This is not an easy habit to create.

The fix would be a utility to display known networks and the ability to delete some of the networks.

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