WordPress On the PopPressed Radar

WordPress blog postings may appear with an ad titled “On the PopPressed Radar” at the bottom. They are not part of the posting; they only appear that way.

PopPressed is “the third site to originate from the partnership between Federated Media Publishing and WordPress.com“. Others: EcoPressed, FoodPress.

10 Responses to WordPress On the PopPressed Radar

  1. Dhian says:

    Could you please kindly inform me how to hide/delete/deactivate the “On the PopPressed Radar”. Having things you don’t need is very annoying.

    Thanks a million

  2. Sushil Arora says:

    I’m also facing “On the PopPressed Radar” problem. How we can delete or change it. Can anyone tell me how can i put Google ads on my WordPress Blog?

  3. postethotic says:

    I am seconding (tripling?) the request!

  4. This is particularly annoying for us as we are a public library so don’t publicise any businesses. Why have you done it & are you going to undo it? Have to move to other blogger if not!

  5. Mawardi says:

    I’m also facing the same. Is that a malware or virus?
    How to delete it…can anyone who expert and good at IT suggets something???

  6. tqar says:

    its annoying, i really want to destroy this stuff, these ruinning my post….

  7. Please tell us how to remove the poppressed radar from our sites. We are a religious site and want some control over what is posted there.

  8. leighj says:

    Seriously. This is not only quite annoying but disturbing. I don’t currently put ads on my blog because I find them distracting and also, I don’t want people cutting there visit short because curiousity has taken over. One of the reasons why I started my blog with wordpress was the ability for me to have more control over ads or not.

  9. Mawardi says:

    Yes, same here. i feel so annoying. I decide to say goodbye to wordpress.

    I read from a forum that wordpress will not remove the ads.

    So, better we quit from wordpress and find another.

  10. cowboy3678 says:

    Use WordPress.org instead. When you use the .com site you give them the right to put ads up in exchange for giving you free service.