Free training through SANS Webcasts.

Zen Virtual Apps when you need to picture the software someone describes on the phone. Similarly, see Simple Help.

Problem Steps Recorder (PSR.exe) can be used to capture the repro steps, including a text description of where you clicked and a screen shot. Once you capture these steps, you can save them to a file and send them for review.  Windows 7 comes with the tool installed and can be accessed by typing PSR in the start menu.  Vista and XP users can download the tool at this link.

BIOScentral for beep codes and BIOS information

Wim’s BIOS


  • Account (Is the problem with the account?)
  • Network (Is the problem with the network?)
  • Device (Is the problem with the device?)
  • Education (Is the problem with education?)

The H Security Internet Toolkit is a collection of support tools.

NETALYZR for answers to questions like is “IMAP access blocked?” or “are the iDrive ports open?” (requires Java)

Blackberry Device Simulators Used to simulate specific Blackberry models for troubleshooting issues.

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